P U P P Y   P A T H S   -
T H E   D O G   S O U R C E
We at Puppy Paths are concerned and dedicated animal
lovers who treat all pets as our own.  Thoroughly professional,
though never clinical, from walking to boarding, we seek to
distinguish ourselves from other pet services through an
openly displayed and genuine affection for the loves of your
lives.  Indeed, we know of no other service as diverse as our
own.  In addition to highly personalized walks (never in groups
larger then three), we offer boarding and daycare, grooming
and regular aesthetic maintenance (touch-ups), basic
obedience training and/or strict adherence to your pets prior
directives.  Most importantly, it is our desire to know your pet,
enabling us to alert you immediately to any apparent physical
or behavioral changes and other potential problems which may
go unnoticed in the midst of a busy or hectic schedule.  So
when your looking for specialized and dependable care for
your pet, look no further.  Call Puppy Paths and let us provide
the quality care you want for your pet.
249 West 34th Street
Suite 305
New York, NY  10001