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Welcome to The Dog Source, the
source for all your pet needs!

We at The Dog Source are
concerned and dedicated dog
lovers.  We want to provide a
source for dog lovers alike that will
assist our visitors with all aspects of
life with a dog from how to choose
a puppy to dealing with the loss of
a dog.  Not knowing where to turn
with questions when it comes to
your dog can be very frustrating.  
Having a source to quickly gain
information and answers can bring
back the joy of having a dog.  After
all having a dog should be a
rewarding experience and not a
hassle.  Helping you experience a
pleasant and enjoyable journey
through life with your dog is our
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How do I stop my dog from chewing through the wall?  I have to go to work,
who can I call to take care of my dog?  My dog does not seem to be feeling
well, how do I find the right vet?

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