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      About The Trainer

Elizabeth Teal is a specialist in companion animal
behavior, animal-assisted therapy, education, emotional
support and crisis response.   While with the ASPCA
National Headquarters she was coordinator of the ASPCA's
Visiting Pet Program, as well as being an evaluator of
shelter and board of health animals in the care of the
ASPCA and behavioral counselor with Companion Animal
Services. She was on the board of The Society of North
American Dog Trainers, Pet Partners National Committee
and member of Association of Pet Dog Trainers as well as
being a Delta Society’s Pet Partners evaluator and
instructor. She was the Lead Trainer and consultant during
the creation of ‘Pattes Tendue’ headquartered in Geneva,
She was briefly headhunted to California by American
Humane Association to expand the offices of their movie
and entertainment division and open additional offices in
NYC, sadly funding was insufficient and the project folded.
Articles she has written range from Psyeta (Psychologists
for the ethical treatment of animals) Journal to Off Lead
magazine & The ASPCA Animal Watch; she also created
and wrote a monthly Visiting Pet newsletter Giving Paws,
and was a regular contributor to ‘Interactions’. She is the
author of Baby Training Your Other Baby, a guide for
expectant mothers, currently out of print, and undergoing
She has appeared on NY and national television and
radio discussing pets and pet-related issues.   She and her
partner Annie, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, did over 19
trips to Ground Zero. Under the auspices of Dr. Stephanie
LaFarge, Liz was the coordinating point person for all
animal teams on the NYC side at the Family Assistance
Center during its operation after 9-11.

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