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Thinking of getting a puppy and realize there are a lot of things to
consider for a paticular breed of dog, what size, temperment, good with
children, security dogs?  Let us help you with researching dog
breeders so that you can fiind the perfect puppy!
Consider rescuing a dog when your looking for that new family member.
 Thousands of retired racing Greyhound dogs are destroyed each year
when they are no longer profitable to their owners.  Many of these
rescue dogs are young and old alike and simply need a loving home.  
There are a variety of other dog breeds awaiting rescue or adoption.
Save a life!  You can adopt a dog from an animal shelter today and help
save unnecessary waste of life!  Often dogs awaiting adoption in shelters
are pure breads that were purchased and the buyer realized it did not
suit their lifestyle.  Other times there was a forced move and the new
home did not allow dogs.  There are a variety of cute puppies and love
starved dogs to choose from when dealing with shelters.