P U P P Y   P A T H S   -
T H E   D O G   S O U R C E
249 West 34th Street
Suite 305
New York, NY  10001
Dog Walking
Our competent handlers
provide both daily scheduled
and periodic walks stressing
safety and socialization.
Regular pairings of your pet
and their new friends under
fully attentive supervision.
Absolutely no pack walking.  
We also offer private walks.
A variety of reasonable dog
walking packages are
available based upon your
Puppy Care
Does your new puppy have you
Let your pet put the right paw forward
with Puppy Paths guiding them down
the correct path to a happy and
healthy life.
Establishing a housebreaking routine
during these early months is crucial to
beginning an enjoyable journey with
your new four-legged friend.